Stephen Randorf grew up in the Midwest region of the U.S.  Even though his education includes history and creative writing, he has always been interested in exploring the urban milieu and how its inhabitants are defined more by economic status than by merit.  His characters, at times, may appear tiny in our larger world, but in the end, they always have an impact, whether it’s a small ripple or a great wave.

With influences from such writers as Georges Simenon and Seicho Matsumoto, the author has always tried to present his stories in a crisp, narrative manner to keep the action flowing.


Novels and Novellas in this Series:
Murder Over The Bones
Murder Before Retirement
The Marble Heist Murders
The Book Sale Murder  (Novella)
Murder In A Vacant Lot   (Novella)
The Wounded Murderer   (Novella)
Murder At The Pump   (Novella)
                  A Christmas Eve Murder  (Novella)

The author may also be contacted directly at:
   info @ stephenrandorf . com